Voice’s primary aspect is an innate program for vocal expression of emotions

Juslin & Timmers (2011) Expression and communication of emotion in music

Voice is most important vehicle for human communication

Benninger (2010) The Human Voice, Evolution and Performance


… Sing
because this is the food
our starving world needs.

… Laugh
because that is
the purest sound.

HAFIZ (Persian poet and Sufi master, c.1320-1389)

Singing is the true mother tongue of all human beings, for it is the most natural and simplest way in which we are there undividedly and can open up our hearts – together with all our experiences, our emotions, our hopes.

Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Il Canot del Mondo, Düsseldorf, Germany


RAP: Consequently, the instrument [voice] is not simple an object or vehicle for displaying one’s talent, it is a ‘colleague in the creation’ of rap.

Rose (1994) Back Noise, Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America.

Rap itself is a primary vocal expression of emotional and cultural values sustained by a rhythm.

Uhlig (2011) Rap & Singing for emotional and cognitive development.